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We know you’re struggling and it’s a lot of competition in these Taxpreneur streets and you’re having a hard time really growing your business.

By partnering with us we can help you bring clarity to your brand, build a team, and put in place systems and processes to help you scale your tax business.

We can help you stand out by equipping you with the systems and processes to operate like a Fortune 500 company in as little as 30 days.

We have a proven method for attracting, training and retaining quality tax preparers. We can should you how to build an elite team of tax preparers virtually.

You want the structure of a franchise, without buying into the franchise.

We can help you fulfill your passion as a taxpreneur, scale your business and build your own tax business you will be proud of!

Don't Worry We Got You Covered

Our services are aligned to meet all your needs to become a fully equipped Tax Professional.

1:1 Coaching

Stepping out on faith and building your dream team to being a boss and making things happen in your business, is a LOT. But you are never alone with us.

Tax Courses

Online Introductory Tax Course We guarantee as a result of taking this course, you will have the skills necessary to become a professional tax preparer or get your money back!!!

Become a Tax Pro

Become a Tax Pro by joining us or through our guidance. What you'll get are online training, professional tax software, and full support during the tax season.

Taxpreneur Elite Mastermind

Learn the foundations of everything we teach. Merging your tax business with your soul’s purpose.

What our Clients tells About us

Great detailed overview of all things taxes. I liked the PDFs too that I can refer back to during the tax season. the support and mentorship is welcomed also..
Tonya Alvarez
Best Resource for Tax Beginners More satisfied than I thought. Well done.
Innocent Zamkulu
Hello! I am intrigued with the information that I read and the videos I watched so far, it is detailed and informative.
Suzette Lloyd
Very Informative This course was very clear and concise.
Tasha Smith

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Compro Tax Beaumont, TX


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