Find out how YOU can build a 

6 Figure Tax Business in 6 weeks!


You KNOW there is money in the tax industry.
You've seen it. You've tasted it..

Now You're Ready to Claim Your Seat At The BIG Table.



  • – Get Started as an IRS Registered Tax Professional.
  • – Learn the necessary skills to start your tax preparation business
  • – Apply to work with us. 


– EFIN Setup Assistance 

– Professional Tax Software 

– Refund Advances and  Bank Products (Offer Direct Deposit, Checks and Cards to your clients)


  • Online Introductory Tax Course

    We guarantee as a result of taking this course, you will have the skills necessary to become a professional tax preparer or get your money back!!!

  • Essential Business Forms for Tax Professionals

    This strategic bundle provides you with documents for your tax client AND your team!

  • How to Outsource Work for $3 per Hour

    In this book you'll learn how we hire our virtual assistants for between $3-$5 per hour, where we find them, and how we vet them.

  • Start a Tax Business Bundle

    Go from Tax Preparer to Business Owner with this business bundle..

  • Start a Tax Biz Guide

    Do you have experience as a tax preparer but are tired of working for other people? Would you love to control your time, make more money, all in an environment that works best for you? Do you want to start a tax preparation business, but are not exactly sure where to start? If you answered yes to these questions, this is the book for you!

  • Resources to Train Your Tax Preparers

    This bundle has everything we WISHED we had when we started our business and built a team.

and for the elite...


Learn the foundations of everything we teach.


Merging your tax business with your soul’s purpose.

You have a tax business but it feels off. 


You’re not making the money you desire. 


You’re overwhelmed and stuck at a certain income level.


You want the Mastermind!


You’re doubting yourself.


You’re lacking support.


You’re not making the impact you know you’re here to make.


You want the Mastermind!


You’re working too hard.


You need new strategies.


You’re ready to take your business to the next level.


You want the Mastermind!

Week 1: Mindset techniques, subconscious reprogramming, and the foundations of a harmonious business. 

Week 2: Personal Branding and the Customer Experience.

Week 3: How to Market to your Ideal Clients and get them to say YES! 

Week 4: Get the Administrative Tools to Support your Growing Business. 

Week 5: Save time in your business by creating workflows. Your clients recieve everything they need with the push of a button. 

Week 6: Go from Tax Preparer to Business Owner with the Tools to EXPAND your Team.

there's more...


Hey Fellow Tax Professional!


We see you! Stepping  out on faith and building your dream team. Being a boss and making things happen in your business.


We know you’re alone…


God has closed a door in your life but an infinite sea of opportunities await you! 


Here’s what we know for sure,


You want to spend more time with your children. 


You want to provide a comfortable life for your family. 


You want to work smart and not hard by building a TEAM. 


You Want It ALL…



Here’s where we come in:

We’ll Show You How to Manifest from the Realm of Infinite Possibilities 

– We’ll show you how to WOW your clients AND retain them

– You’ll Receive Biweekly Coaching Calls With POWERFUL Mindset Hacks and  Strategies to Grow your Tax Business & Personal Life.

*Price Per Month