VIP Tax Business Bundle

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VIP Tax Business Bundle


Heyyy Tax Professional 👋🏾!

Want everything you need to train your own team of Elite Tax Professionals???

We Got You.

This bundle has everything we WISHED we had when we started our business and built a team.

Here’s What You’ll Receive:

1. Customizable Company Manual
2. Essential Business Forms for Tax Business Owners (Non compete Agreement, Contract, NDA)
2. From Tax Preparer to Business Owner Ebook
3. Access to an IRS Due Diligence Training Course for your Tax Preparers
6. Essential Business Deductions Guide for the Self Employed
7. Online Introductory Tax Course ( individual enrollment for up to 3 students)
8. Sample Tax Return Scenarios for your preparers
9. Important Numbers for Tax Pros
10. 7-Day Marketing Exercises for your Team


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