Introductory Online Tax Preparation Course

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Tired of your job? Ready to free your time? Want to experience more joy than you ever have before?


Imagine working only 4 months of the year and making enough to live off. Imagine being your own boss and controlling your destiny.


Imagine becoming a Professional Tax Preparer and realize a complete life transformation. The journey begins with a click. Buy Now.







Want to make money, learn a new skill and turn a part-time project into a swelling, profitable business?


I thought so.


  • You want to raise enough money to spend more time with your family without sacrificing your lifestyle.

  • You want to learn a new skill that will grow Big Time money in Part Time hours.

  • You want the “Meat and Potatoes” of tax preparation that will help you advance, with the fat trimmed of.


If so, my friend, you are in the right spot!


I . GET . IT

I use to be in your shoes, spending hours every day in a job I didn’t like. Seeing little money or recognition to show for it. Making small advances at other businesses, some profitable some not, just to make other people rich.

Wishing I could find something substantial to turn into a full time business without feeling overwhelmed in the process.


But then things changed.


I developed a system—one that actually works—that shows exactly what you need to make thousands of dollars on a tax preparation hobby. In 1 tax season, I was able to QUIT my day job, pay off debt, and grow my Tax Business full-time. In two years, I made enough to drastically increase my clientele, buy my dream house, and travel overseas for months.




I’ve compiled my most valuable lessons and strategies in a step-by-step system, Rise Business Solutions Basic Tax Preparation Skills E-course.

We guarantee after taking this course, you will have the tools necessary to become a professional tax preparer or get your money back PLUS half to use towards any other course.


1 review for Introductory Online Tax Preparation Course

  1. Susan

    I made $21,000 and this is my first tax season. Don’t think twice, buy it.

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