How to Automate your Social Media using Recur Post

Let’s talk about social media. Social media is the backbone of any successful business. You need to be visible online. You need to create the “like, know, trust” factor when prospective client’s visit your platform.

But how do we accomplish this???

These days, we can use tools to automate our social media. This, essentially, allows our platforms to run on autopilot. There are many social media tools out that can make automating your social media a breeze. Our personal favorite is Recurpost!

What is Recur Post?


Recurpost is a smart social media scheduler. This service lets you build content libraries, which you populate with posts that you want to share. You connect your social networks, set a schedule, and voila! Recur Post shares the posts for you. You can set it up for multiple times a day, just once a day, or once a week, depending on what you want. All you have to do is keep the content libraries filled with content, and it does all the sharing and scheduling for you.

Why do we love Recurpost over other social media schedulers? Well, the best thing about this platform is the ability to recycle your content over and over again. Most schedulers like Hootsuite or Buffer, provides a one time posting schedule. Recurpost actually keeps recycling the content, over and over again, to ensure that your social media platform is always posting. Which means you are that much more visible. It’s really simple to set up and it’s basic service is FREE!


How does Recurpost work? Let me walk you through.




Recur Post has a free Standard membership, a Medium membership, and a Large membership. Depending on which you choose you can connect a certain number of social networks, and a number of posts you can store in your library at once. The free membership is great and allows two networks and 100 pieces of content, so it’s definitely worth trying out.  




So the very first step is to connect your social accounts to RecurPost.  It will be posting what you want, when you want and target who you want. You will have full control on every single activity yet you will not need to actively spend time on it. Isn’t that leverage? Unlike some of the tools in the market, Recurpost is 100% compliant with every social media platform.




RecurPost allows you to post text, images, gif and even videos on your social networks. In order to make it easier for you to organize your social updates, Recurpost lets you categorize them into different libraries such as My Blogs, Promotional Posts, Other People’s Content etc. It even has a bulk upload feature that lets you upload all of your updates in one click.




Would you like your Facebook account to get Fine Dining tips… and your LinkedIn account to get Small Business tips? That’s easy! With a single click, you can create a simple “map” that sends the right content to the right social media account… every time.

You can not only post these updates once, you can set a recurring schedule. Once an update goes out on your social accounts, it will sit at the end of a library to be posted again once everything else has been posted. You will see your same content bringing you new traffic every time you share it.


Check out this video tutorial which also shows you how to automate your social media using Recurpost.

Ready to rise and live the life you want?

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