How to Grow your Email List using Opt-Ins

Part I




Would you like to easily grow your business? Do you want your sales to increase in volume? Would you like to get new clients you’ve never even met?



If so, grow your email list.


Email List
Growing your email list.



Know em’, Like em’, Trust em’


In order to get people to buy from you, you need to get people to buy INTO you. This means getting customers to know you, like you, and trust you.


You do this by getting contact information to stay in touch with your client. The more valid email addresses you collect to add to your email list, the better your chances to get and convert new customers. You can talk to them as often as you’d like with just the click of a button using a preferred email marketing system



grow your email list
Grow your email list



Now, in the past people would gladly give you their email address and get on your email list just because you asked. Nowadays, you need to provide value and give something to entice out an email address. Think of it as a digital first impression and you only get one.


An amazing way to get email addresses from potential customers is using what’s called opt-ins. Opt-ins are valuable resources used by companies to get data from individuals. Think coupons, reward points, cheatsheets, ebooks etc.


Creating one quick (and valuable) opt-in it can grow your email list tremendously. Imagine having the ability to talk directly to your customers whenever you want for FREE.


1 | Offer A Coupon


Grow your email list
Grow your email list with a coupon opt-in




















Be sure the coupon is valuable and worth your customer’s time. A coupon for 15-30% off the first purchase OR one item is generally a good rule of thumb. Be sure to link the coupon code to an email address by saying “Sign up to our mailing list for X% off your first purchase!”


If you are using a website for your business, consider adding pop-ups to push your opt-in.   One pop-up style that works amazingly well is an exit intent pop-up because it shows up only after someone is on your site and are moving their mouse to exit the page. Offering a coupon as an exit intent pop-up increases the likelihood that a customer will buy because they are given an additional deal.


Imagine a customer browsed your site, saw that the products were a little out of their price range, and then saw an awesome opportunity at the last minute (via a pop-up) to get 20% off their total. If you notice that a lot of people are browsing, but not a lot of people are buying, consider implementing a coupon exit intent pop-up so you can capture those people before they leave and get them on your email list.

Build your list fast without annoying your visitors with popups. Check out this alternative featured on 



2 | Offer A Sample Of Your Product


Grow your email list
Grow your email list with samples.


If you can offer a taste of one of your products, this is a great opt-in choice for you. Think about’s Look Inside feature for books. Customers are able to take a peek inside before even clicking to purchase. If the person enjoys the sample they are more likely to purchase the book. This is a similar idea, but instead of giving a sample for free, you are getting an email address which can be just as valuable as money. 


A lot of service-oriented small businesses do this, but you can even do it with a physical product. Planner companies offer free planning pages because they figure you will eventually buy the full planner. Authors offer a digital copy of the first chapter of their book to get you excited about the full book. These small freebies help you get your foot in the door with your customer. Consider it an invite into their e-home.


When you offer a freebie, you should send your potential customers follow-up emails to push them towards making a purchase. Always plan for the next move after receiving an email address. Depending on the type of freebie you are giving you may wait a little longer to actually send an update to customers. Use a tagging system in your email software to tag anyone who purchases a product after receiving the freebie. Not only that, be sure that you make the ability to purchase the product after getting the opt-in extremely easy. Do this by having a link to buy the full product emailed to them in the initial email you send, as well as sending a follow-up email that includes the link.


3 | Giveaway A Product


Grow your email list
Grow your email list with giveaways


The goal of this type of opt-in is to give away something VALUABLE and SPECIFIC. Have you ever seen those loop giveaways with a million different shops in them? Have you ever participated in one hoping that it would help expand your brand only for the followers to be disengaged (if they happen to stay on your follower list at all)?


When you give away something that is valuable and specific to your ideal audience it can really help you expand your list with VALUABLE people. Be careful of how you advertise your giveaway. Don’t advertise this in huge giveaway groups or hashtag it #giveaway. Use this opt-in to get people on your list who are already following you on social media. Find new people in a sneakier way than blasting out FREE. Instead, make a few valuable posts on your blog and include your giveaway in the post or include a link to the giveaway on social media and talk about it there.



Always follow-up with subscribers after the giveaway is over. Let people know that they didn’t win, and give them something awesome for trying like a couponI am grateful for your support, thanks for signing up to my email list, here is something just for you!” Again, make the coupon worth their while, you may want to make it 5-10% higher than what they can generally get on your website if you have implemented the coupon code from earlier just to make sure that they understand how valuable the coupon actually is. Then, of course, if they purchase, make sure you tag their email address as a purchaser.



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