How to Grow your Email List using Opt-Ins Part II




Last week we talked about three opt-in ideas you can use to grow your email list. We discussed how you can use coupons, product samples, and giveaways to grow your email list. This week we discuss even more ways to grow your email list.


Growing your email list is important because it converts people from a casual visitor on your site to a potential customer you can market to.


Be sure to check out part one to this post.


4 | Do A Challenge

Grow email list
Grow your email list with a challenge

Creating a challenge is an amazing way to drum up support and momentum in your business. It works really well for getting a large amount of subscribers for your email list in a short amount of time.


Challenges you can create.

● An interior decorator could create a “declutter and refresh” challenge where they walk someone through the steps of decluttering and refreshing a room in their house.
● A fitness coach could do a fitness challenge where they deliver a new exercise to their challenge participants every day via email for the length of the challenge.
● A photography teacher might do a challenge that helps people take better photos, one photo and day at a time.


Challenges are great because it only requires a little preparation in the beginning to create tremendous results.


Give explicit directions.

When making your challenge be sure to clearly lay out the steps to your challenge participants. Have a follow-up strategy ready for people who take the challenge but don’t end up purchasing.


Take the time in the beginning to determine what your ultimate goals are.What action do you want participants to take once the challenge is over? Like all things in business, you should go in with the end in mind.


5 | Make A Video

grow your email list
Grow your email list with video


Video is in for 2017. Think of the popularity of Facebook live, Snapchat and Instagram’s live feature. People want to feel connected with your business and videos are a great way to do that.


Types of Video.

Consider doing a webinar or just create a mini-training style video or video series. Video just feels valuable, and it’s not that difficult to make. Some basic things you need:
● A camera ( Canon T5i) or inexpensive HD webcam.
● A microphone
● Recording software, your computer should have a video recorder preinstalled.
● Editing software (like iMovie if you have a Mac or you could use something like Adobe Premiere Elements)


If you aren’t comfortable showing your face, do a screencast video where you show something happening on the screen and then talk about what’s happening. This is easily done with QuickTime Player (Mac only) or Camtasia (Windows and Mac.) It depends on your comfort level in front of the camera and the subject at hand.


When creating video you want to make it valuable, but you also want to make it as succinct as possible. What is the next step that they can take after watching this video, video series, or webinar? Maybe you have a one-on-one service you want to sell or a valuable ecourse on the topic?


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