4 Questions you should ask when buying a small business.



Ask the right questions before you consider buying a small business.


Do you dream of buying a small business? Would you like to leverage the time and experience of other successful business owners? Would it feel good to make money now instead of an uncertain time in the future?



Buying a small business
Imagine buying a small business.

Then buying a small business may be right for you!


Buying a small business is a lot different than managing a business. As the buyer of a small business, you have the ultimate authority over the business. It’s a new feeling.


Almost 90% of people who purchase small businesses have never owned a business before.


Buying a small business can be a very lucrative and life changing process. You’re able to gain more control over your life and circumstances. Many see a substantial increase in finances and livelihood.


Anyone can qualify to buy a small business. Get the top ways you can finance to buy a business here.


buying a small business
Ask these questions when buying a small business.


Consider the following 4 questions to ask before buying a small business.


  1. How long have they been in business?
  2. How long has the present owner owned the business?
  3. Why is the present owner selling?
  4. Is the income and accounting in good shape?


Answering these questions will usually reveal if the business is healthy and a good investment. Once you have determined that the business is indeed worth your time and resources, you can begin the next process involved in buying a small business. Due diligence.


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