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6 Reasons you NEED to be using the Wave Accounting App

Are you a small business owner who is looking to take your business to the next level? If so, begin with the end in mind. Your finances!


Keeping account of your business finances is vital to succeeding in business. Yet, this is often the most overlooked and neglected part of small businesses.


Let’s change that. Read on to discover 6 reasons you NEED to be using the Wave Accounting App for your business.


1.) It’s FREE.

The Wave Accounting App is a favorite among small business owners because it’s basic service is absolutely free! This is the strongest selling point of this app because most small business owners have a very limited budget in the beginning of building their business. Don’t let the price tag fool you, Wave packs a tremendous value for business owners. You are able to keep track of transactions, customer statements, and invoices among many others.


2.) Send Professional Invoices.

Best small business accounting software

As a small business owner competing with corporate giants it is imperative to give your business a professional edge. Perception is everything and that includes how you present your charges to clients. The Wave Accounting App gives you the ability to send out professional invoices to clients when needed. You can upload your professional logo, select your brand colors, and input contact information, website and details of the transaction. The client receives an email link directing them to a professional page where they can make a payment. Voila!


3.) Accept Credit Card Payments.

Best small business accounting software


Easily accept credit card payments.


You can easily accept credit card payments from your clients using the Wave Accounting App. Simply accept the terms, input your banking information and you are set to begin taking payments online. I love this feature because it is already incorporated within the invoice. Everything is done through the click of a button. It’s fast and convienent for both the business owner and the client.


4.) Add more than one business.

Best small business accounting software


Add multiple businesses to your profile.


New Millenial business owners seem to be a fan of mulitiple streams of income. As a matter of fact, the most successful business owners are managing more than one business at a time. The Wave Accounting App is fantastic because you can add multiple businesses on your profile. This allows you to get a look at all your business finances and accounting information in one space.

5.) Add Payroll Services.

Best small business accounting software


Add on payroll services.

Once your business has grown to the point where you are ready to take on employees, you can easily add payroll services to your Wave Accounting App. This enables you the ability to direct deposit payroll funds to employees, keep track of timesheets, and any tax documents you need to send to the IRS at the end of the year.


6.) Connect with your accountant.


Free online accounting software for small businesses -- Wave


If you accountant is affiliated with Wave Accounting Professionals, you are able to connect with them on the app. This makes it easier to send essential bookkeeping items to your accountant. This also makes the tax season easier and less painful as a business owner.


There you have it entrepreneuers, 6 reasons you NEED to be using the Wave Accounting App for your small business. Join us next time for more information to help your business Rise.


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