5 Ways to Triple Your Prospects Using Email Marketing

Have you ever wondered why companies, brands, and organizations are always asking for your email address? Think about how often you are offered coupons, discounts, and incentives to “subscribe” to someone’s email list.

As a tax and accounting entrepreneur, you should be doing the same thing in your business.

The first thing you want is to have a great Email Service Provider. This is the platform that you use to communicate with your clients. There are many different ESPs but in this post, we use Convertkit because it is very user-friendly. 

First,  let’s briefly discuss why email marketing is so important. When “Brand Loyalists” (people who are loyal to the same brand again and again) are asked why they keep returning to the same brands they cite  ” the experience” as their main motivation. 

Experience covers all the interactions a customer has with your brand from products and website to delivery and customer service.

In his book What Customers Crave, Author Nicholas J. Webb defines 5 touch points: Pre, First, Pivotal, Prime and Post. 

The 5 touch points for your Tax and Accounting Business


  1. Pre-touch is how a prospect finds out about your brand before they come in contact with your brand. For example your client referrals, someone tags you in a Facebook group, or a flyer you posted in a group peaks someone’s curiosity.

2. First touch point is the first taste they have of your brand. For some this maybe a personal call or text. Others may have things like opt-in incentives, welcome emails, online inquiry forms.

3. Pivotal touch point is when prospective clients are actively engaging with your content.  You have given them information about your business and what you do and they are considering it. They are watching your live videos, reading your email newsletters, perusing your website.

4. Prime touch point is everything that happens just before and after purchase.  Think about what your current customer journey looks like. How do you welcome new clients? In what ways do you ask them to move forward? What does the checkout system look like? All these things combine to create the Prime touch point.

5. Post touch point is how you make your customer feel after the purchase. Do you delight them or ignore them? How do you guage what your client felt about your service. In what ways do you nurture your clients post purchase.

All these touch points are equally important to the success of your client experience. We Deep Dive on touchpoints and breakdown your client journey in the Taxpreneur Elite Mastermind. 

Here are 5 ways to Triple your Prospects using Email Marketing

1) You can create a welcome email sequence for your tax and accounting clients

Your client experience is crucial to client longevity in your tax business. Keep your clients from having buyers remorse by welcoming them to your company through emails.

These emails are fully automated and after you set them up one time, you schedule them in a “sequence” and essential forget it.

You will rest easy once these sequences are created because all your clients are taken through the same journey. Everyone has the same experience because everyone gets the same emails. This is the brilliance that big box brands perform all the time! 

This is what we refer to as business automation.

2) You can send out monthly newsletters to your prospective clients 

Statistics state a new client needs to be exposed to your brand 7 times before they decide to do business with you.


Get every prospect’s email address by promising them a discount or “opt-in freebie”. Once you have their email set them up on a nurturing sequence and begin “dripping” your content to them. They will be primed and ready to work with you during tax season.

If you need some ideas on what you can give as an email freebie, think of what your ideal client really wants. What can you provide them for free they would be eager to get? Because our target market is small business owners, we create opt-ins directed towards this market.

Check out our blog post on ways to build your email list by using opt-in freebies.

3) Send out regular communication to your team members

As an elite Taxpreneur it is imperative that you create a close relationship with your team members. They are the bread and butter of your business. You want to send them regular communications along with praise and communication about your business.

Let them know what you are doing. What conferences you are attending. Show them how your business is growing and they will be happy to stay and grow.

Building a team is paramount to the success of your tax and accounting business. It is one of the four pillars of a successful business. How do you manage your current team?

Imagine a prospective client came to you and told you they needed their taxes or bookkeeping done today. What is your normal flow? Do you have a website you direct them to? A scheduling system? Do you have an automated way to add them to your database without you lifting a finger?

With an email service provider, you do!

Convertkit has easy to use Opt-In Forms that are modern and easy to set up. Check out this landing page I created through Convertkit.

5) You grow your email list which increases your pool of prospective clients

Growing your email list increases your network. This increases the pool of prospective tax clients available tob you. If you are consistent and intentional with your email marketing efforts, you will see the benefits . 

These are just a few of the ways email marketing can benefit you in your business. We love Convertkit because it allows us to connect with current, prospective and past clients all at the same time.

We’ve had tax clients from 2-3 years previous return back to us as a client simply because we were there, in their inbox, at the right time.

We encourage you to begin using email marketing for your business immediately. 

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LaShaun Ade is a author, tax accountant and business strategist. She has helped over 153 business owners scale their business to attract paying clients with ease. When she is not researching about more efficient ways to “automate her world”, she enjoys traveling with her family.

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